Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Okay, phew, that took a few hours longer than I thought it would, heh.

Here are pictures of the new kittens.

Here are Mini Harina and Spooky sitting on a little extra bed, while we freshen up their main bed.

Here they are back in their nice clean bed. Aren't they cute? They just blended all their kittens together, although they will sometimes drag them over to the green bed, when they're sick of sitting together. The weird thing is, they don't seem to know whose kittens are whose. Harina will take Spooky's and vice versa, except for the grey kitten, Harina is certain that one is hers.

Here's Beau sitting in their bed. They're so cute and little, we can't stay away. I like to lay down on the floor and put my face next to them. I miss the mama bellys, but the kittens are pretty wonderful.

Here's another one of the kittens, but how would you know, they all look so much alike. I love black cats, I think they're super smart, psychic, and lucky. I think the Church spread rumours about them when they were murdering all of the midwives, psychics, and healers, and that's where they got the bad rep.

This is the only kitten who isn't black. Beau of course wants to keep this one, argh. We need to find great homes for these guys. No more kittens for us. We're on a kitty diet from here on out.

These images are so much sharper than they appear here. I've been using this photo listing site and am getting really sick of it. They reduce the image quality, probably to cut down on bandwidth. If you come to my page there, you can see these images about five times larger. Anyone have any ideas on where or how I can put up images and have them look nice and crispy, the way I shot them?

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