Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Bathroom Breaks, Home Schooling and Sticky Books

I'm so happy and amazed, Beau's teacher lifted the bathroom ban and has agreed to allow the children to not only go to the bathroom when they need to, but to turn up the air conditioning when they're too hot. Ten minutes or so after reading my letter she announced to the class that the kids were going to be in charge of their own bathroom breaks. She said something like, "If you miss something, you miss it." While I am very very grateful, the more I am hearing about her from the kids, the more I am disliking her. Yesterday poor little Shayan asked her if he could go to the bathroom, and this is a good kid, he's not someone who would say he had to go if he didn't, and she said no. Then thirty minutes later, when he was in real discomfort and went to her desk to ask again she said, "If you know what I'm going to say, why do you bother asking?" I want to call her an uptight bitch and worse, maybe hide in the parking lot and kick her a few times when she goes to her car, control-freak-fuck-face-monster, but out of respect for the good work teachers do, I'll just say thank God for small miracles, and move on.

I am very seriously considering home schooling. I spent two hours today looking up info about it on the net. That was a lot nicer than last nights little diversion in to the horrors of scientology, OMG! I'd always been suspicious but some of this stuff was really scary. I say really a lot, just in case you hadn't noticed. Note to self, must break this really bad habit.

Oh and when we went to the bookstore, in the kid's section, I spilled Beau's soy apricot fruit shake all over the Bar Mitzvah section. I am now the proud owner of five sticky books on preparing for your Bar Mitzvah. I'm wondering if God is trying to tell me something. I actually started reading one of them and have learned about Talits and Teffilin. I also read about not boiling a baby goat in it's mother's milk, got upset and then thought someone got this little obscure bit of the Torah wrong, it's not about keeping dairy and meat separate, it's about having compassion for animals. Yeah, right on!

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