Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I made this for you : )

Hey look you guys, EvilHomer made me buy PaintshopPro6 so I made this for her and for you my happy little livejournalers. Okay so it looks like a Keith Haring thing but that's okay he didn't invent all the hearts in the world with squiggles around them.

Going to take the whole hord swimming at my Mom's today. The pool heater doesn't work but they got to buy a bunch fo wacky pool toys and are looking forward to it anyway.

Selene is really looking forward tot alking to her boyfriend at six. She's so girlie and cute about it.

I'm going to take my cockatiels over to play wiht my dad. Maybe that will stimulate him or bring him joy in some way, plus they seem to be yearning for a birdie adventure.

okay love you guys, me go now.


PS: If you want to see the journal of a real jerk go see http://www.livejournal.com/users/imajerk/

PPS: Would some saintly pal show me what the code for a link to that would look like wihtout turning it into a link so i can't read it? I know we talked about this but I don't think I ever got it. I just need to know what the tags are cause now I've got the image thing down, thanks o much you guys.

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