Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I decided it was alright for me to get a pedicure today. It was getting pretty bad, I hadn't dealt with my chippy bright green polish, and dry cracking toes since prior to Burning Man. I think I was doing some kind of self-punishment survivor guilt thing by not going and getting one. It just didn't seem fair that I could go do something so well, hedonistic, when so many people are suffering. But then I thought of those wonderful Vietnamese woman who I love so much, and they need the business, and my toes were looking pretty freakish, so I went and was really glad I did. Of course all the women who go there are ex-models, you know, the glam trophy wives of wealthy men. I swear every one who comes in the door is stunning. I feel like such an ooky frump girl by comparison.

We're having green corn tamales from El Cholo for dinner tonight. I just thought you should know : )

Love you,

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