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Well, not if you wanna have a laugh or two at my ex.

Uh, God, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I was just doing a search for the PAL, firefighter, rescue device, because I wanted to put a picture of it up for you, and somehow I got sidetracked and as trying to find out where my ex brother-in-law is stationed, then stupidly I thought, Hey I know, I'll look and see if my ex has any kind of net presence and found the following links. If you didn't know that he was forty, how old would you think a guy who lists his interests as "Fencing, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, Girlies" is?

He would have a Yahoo club called "fencingissexy." Man is he shallow. I found his comment that he, gets involved with the wrong women, particularly cheery. I guess I'm now being lumped in with his crack-addict, stripper, ex-girlfriend from Vegas, and his little sister's friend, who gave him genital warts.

Poor little, innocent, motorcycle-loving victim. It's the women who do it to him, not his total lack of courage, or his fear of intimacy. Women, they done him wrong, yup that's what it is. He's just an angel. I guess when you pick people based on youth, and beauty, and the desire to have them suck your dick whenever you want them to, no matter how shitty you are to them, well, then you're liable to wind up with some real winners.

I wish someone would go over there and deliver a blow for my honor. But then again, compared to the entire journal I created to mock him, the one I slaved over for more than a year, before I stupidly (seriously, stupidly,) sent an e-mail to his mother's computer, with a link to my parody journal in my sig., and had to delete the whole thing, I guess his little yahoo pages are pretty damned mild.

This must be his first profile, his middle name is Demetrios, but he rarely spells it the same way twice .

Hobbies: Fencing,Motorcycles,Classic cars,Getting involved with the wrong women.
Latest News: It's a long story
Favorite Quote: "Bitches leave!" - Robocop "
(I can't believe I was with someone who would choose this as his personal quote. )

Then I found what looks like his latest profile. They're both pretty deep, well, about as deep as he is.

Hobbies: Fencing, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, Girlies
(I guess his eighteen year old, Islamic studies student, girlfriend, didn't like the earlier reference to getting involved with the wrong women. So he had the grace to change it to...girlies. How nice for her. Yup, I think a long distance relationship between an incredibly immature forty year old and a shy, bookish, eighteen year old is a safe bet, don't you? I mean, he's charming enough that it might take her a week or two to figure out that there truly is no bottom to his selfishness, to say nothing of his total love and respect for women.)

And here, just for laughs is his fencingissexy club. Blech.

Or you can skip the link and read some of his better posts right here. It's a comfort to know that this is what he's doing with his time, rather than spending it with his son.

9/15/00 8:34 pm
Bootie and then some ! ! !
You speek the truth o wandering one. However I have come to know a few fencers with extra junk in the trunk. I will not out them here though for fear of retaliation.

This was in reference to someone's comments that women fencers all have big asses, nice debate that, but what I really think is fine is the expression, junk in the trunk. It takes a particularly sensitive man, to be able live with a woman struggling with major weight issues, for sixteen years, and then post something like this.

9/16/00 1:45 am
Thanks for sharing. The staff at "Fencing is Sexy" always appreciates tasteful photos exploiting women, especially in the context of fencing.


10/19/00 9:17 pm Re: Okay. I'm in.
Need you ask? Isn't it obvious that if I founded the club then I am the "Sexyness" by witch all other sexyness is measured? I'm so dissapointed in you. Please try to redeem yourselves post haste.</i>
Witch. Okay I admit it, I'm being petty, but hey, the guy continues to hurt us, so leave me my small pleasures.

11/9/00 10:58 pm Denver is Sexy!
The tournament in Denver was lots o' fun. I made some sexy new friends, and had a good time all around. Sorry you couldn't make it. Perhaps I'll see you in Ontario, Cal. for the next NAC, or "Vegas Baby" for the Duel in the Desert! Until then... STAY SEXY ! ! !

5/9/01 11:35 pm Reno is Sexy!
I didn't compete, but still managed to have a good time. I officated all three days and was at no loss for opportunities to check out all the sexy women fencers. Soon I will aquire a digital camera to share worthy subjects with you all. Fence well, and stay sexy!

Well, color me demanding, but you'd just have to be in my position to understand why this particular entry hurts. I think a good dad ought to stick around for his son's birthday, (5/11,) rather than running off to Reno, to check out all the sexy women fencers. But this wouldn't be the first time he's done that. Hey, points for saying women instead of girlies.

4/11/01 9:36 pm Sorry Everyone!
I'll get a new picture up as soon as I have time. It appears I'm not allowed to use Kimberly's picture without Hefners consent. That's understandable considering I'm making sooooo much money off of it!(sarcasm).

3/29/01 12:14 am Howz about a little feedback?
What do you think about the club picture? Too risque? Too disrespectful to women? I think it's sexy, and after all the club is called "Fencing is Sexy". I welcome your input!

You know I'd be willing to bet that he does think being disrespectful to women is sexy, but how would I know, I was only married to the guy forever.

Okay well, thanks everyone for wading through this, I'm feeling a little better now. At least I can always have a few laughs at his spelling, but I needed something more than that so I went to fencing sucks.com and posted this;

Well, it sure is nice to find such a spiffy looking site about what is undoubtedly my least favorite topic, Fencing and Sucking. Although I wonder if you take your topic as seriously as I do. I was the unfortunate recipient of what I like to call, selfish-partner-egotist/rotten-man, fallout syndrome, or SPERM for short. You're right about the shaved heads, although I think it has more to do with aging, sexist jerks, trying to look younger than they really are, than anything having to do with style. There is something fairly sad and pathetic about these old guys, hanging around high school girls, hoping for some action.

Bitter? You bet. Spending years as a fencing widow can do that to a gal. The lack of money, the endless traveling, the late night drinks with the guys, the immaturity, the stench of sweat and stale cigars, not to mention the cheating, and a total lack of chivalry, (oxymoronic considering the sport is fencing), have helped form my opinion that yes indeed, fencing does suck. Or at least certain bald, forty-year-old, West Coast fencers do.

Thank you for this fabulous opportunity to vent my rage and frustration.

Ahh, that feels about as good as it must have felt for Nicole Kidman to show off her high heels on Letterman.

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