Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Opening Mail, a Visit to the Fire Station, and The Contender

Is anyone else afraid when they open their mail? Oh, I forgot to tell you, we did go to the fire station today. They were so nice to us. I was surprised at how poorly they live. I want to do something for them, make it cozier somehow, but I think that's the way they want it, sparse. It just seems so lonely.
God, I really like firefighters. I can honestly say that I always have. Not just because of the tragedy of September 11th, but just because they're such good guys. I always wave at them and am friendly whenever we meet, but of course now, in light of all of this loss and fear, I feel like adopting them and making them breakfast. Huh, maybe I should make myself breakfast first.

Oh yeah, I saw The Contender again tonight, on cable. This is such a good film. If you haven't seen it, please rent it, there are so many good performances in there, and Joan Allen, she's magnificent. I had forgotten that Rod Lurie directed it. I used to listen to him every weekend on the radio. I'm so happy for him. His is really a Cinderella kind of story.


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