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Help!!! Money troubles!!!! and Pictures of the Kitties

I am really really really freaked out about money right now. I was just calling to check my balance and I was shocked to learn I'm overdrawn and my check for seven hundred and sixty dollars to Beverly Loan, where I've had my best jewelry in hock for a few years now, bounced. If I don't come up with the money ASAP I am going to lose our silver, my grandmother's diamond earrings and pin, my Father's fraternity pins, his favorite uncle's sapphire ring, and his Father's pocket watch. I don't know what I'm going to do.

I had to borrow money against anything of value a while ago when I needed money for an emergency vet bill. Now I've bounced the check and don't know where I'm going to get the money. I'm going to have to hustle to sell stuff on eBay, but even then I'd never get the money in time to save my things. So scary. If there is anyone out there with a spare eight hundred dollars that they'd like to send to a frightened Jacqui (yeah right, sigh) please direct those funds to cdelalune@aol.com via Paypal, or via a fast flying angel, whatever method you prefer. I always think it helps to put it out to the universe, I mean I'm sure there are a lot of people way more deserving than I am, but it surely can't hurt to ask. Big huge sigh.

I think my only alternative is to go beg my Mother, which is going to be soooo frightening and debilitating. She'll play with me like a cat plays with a mouse, she'll torture me, and tell me off, and then who knows what she'll choose to do. God I'm so sick of living like this. I know it looks like I have this easy life, but it's never really been that way, honestly. I have so many people who depend on me and I'm having to say no to people I care about, which is so tough.

My Latin friends have this thing they do called a condina, where they put money in a big pot and one person gets it every two weeks. So lets say there were ten people putting a hundred dollars in every two weeks, someone would get a thousand dollars today and then in two weeks someone else would get a thousand while the first person would begin paying their hundred back to the pot. I always thought it sounded like a kind of weird form of banking but boy would I love to hook up with one now.

PS: If you come by my actual Live Journal and click the cat link at the top you can see this pictures at their full resolution, my image hosts make the pictures look crappier to save space, boo on them. I'm always looking for a better way to do this, anyone know how?

Here's Lui watching me take a bath, although it kind of looks like he might be watching TV.

And this is what Coco looks like when he's about to jump on your shoulder. He loves to jump on people's shoulders!

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