Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I don't know if any of you are looking for these kinds of images but here are some patriotic, flaggy images for ya. I think they're pretty. Snag em while you can : )

I've got to find something else to watch, MTV is all about Brittney Spears today. I'm starting to feel sorry for all of these fans, it's kind of depressing in a way. How does she wear those eyelashes all the time? I tried to wear some at Burning Man, they looked great but they got twisted and were tugging on my eyelids. I forgot to bring remover with me and actually had to cut part of my lashes off, it was so painful. Then it was pretty funny.

OKay this is getting sickening, I'm going to have to stop writing before I bore you to death with more Brittney stuff. I'm sure Btripp loves this though, not, ha ha ha.

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