Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This is for miss sandcat.

See this gorgeous kitty. He lives at The Living Desert, which is one of my favorite places in Palm Springs, well actually Palm Desert. We have a vacation house across the street. I'd been going for years but I finally got an annual membreship and we contribute where we can to help them out.

A lot of the enclosures here have a kind of open feel to them. They will often have thin wires that you can reach through, if you're stupid like me, instead of glass or bars. They ahve two sandcats who are rescues and when I first saw them I just fell in love. Like those stupid people who jump over barriers and get their arms chewed off by bears and tigers, I found myself doing the same thing. I mean they look just like cats, only a little bit bigger. So there I was saying, inane cat person things like, "oh my God you're so beautiful," and 'Here kitty kitty, here pretty kitty," and they came over to me. I've forgotten exactly what happened but one of them was super close and let me touch it for a second, then smelled me, decided I stunk and whacked me, so swiftly and powerfully. It was impressive and I felt properly chastised, and weirdly, because I got a couple of good cuts, honored and happy about it. I just looooove these beautiful desert cats.

Anyway that's my story for Sandcat, even though I think I already told you this once before : )

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