Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Last Nights Dreams; My Dad comes to see me, but so does Martha Stewart and a whole lot of flesh eating snakes.

I've been having really intense dreams lately. Last night my Dad showed up, (he died last spring). I'd been praying for this. I almost forgot about it until just this minute, when I suddenly remembered. He was frail and shaking, but full of love, and telling me that the reason he pays so much for my health insurance, is so I can get the best help for my health when I need it. He was so loving and sacrificing. He said he'd do anything to help me, that he would pay out of his own pocket and forget about the insurance to help me get the best doctors. I knew this was his way of telling me that he loved me. I felt so much love for him.

I also dreamt that I was invited to help cook a meal with Martha Stewart. I was so happy and excited but I kept screwing up. Her kitchen was so organized. She was very strict and authoritarian but in the end I somehow won her over. Weirdly, she was married to Bruce Willis, but we all knew she was a lesbian. I was too and I wanted to impress her with my understanding and empathy. We all went to the sea to watch scuba divers. Bruce who kept flipping back and forth between being himself and being like my Grandfather, wanted to watch the scuba fishermen, but I wanted to watch the divers who were down by the rocks, beach diving.

There were other spooky things, apocalyptic things and murder, drowning and burning in cars. At one point there was this terrible rumbling sound and we looked out the window to see a kind of more modern, navy blue, Air Force One jet flying by, but way too low, and it was headed for the place where the Twin Towers had been.

My office was different as well. I had blonde, fifties, Swedish kind of furniture. It looked good but it was different, much more spacious. I kept wanting to lock the door so I could masturbate but people kept interrupting. Beau had left this weird fish tank in the room. It was kind of like a Sea Monkey thing, where the fish are freeze dried, only Beau had kind of partially set it up and the fish were alive and needing help. It kept bubbling and fizzing and foaming over. The fish kept popping out and getting stuck on my dress and I was so worried about them. There was also something about these aggressive, slithery, sea snake creatures, who were scary and vampiric. Fifty or more of them were chasing me down a street, and kept jumping at my face and biting me. Every time I'd pull one off it would leave a huge bleeding tear. I would toss them aside but they'd turn around and fly right back.

You know you wish you had happy go lucky dreams like these ; )


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