Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hey Guyz,

I'm sick sick sick, blech, ptuey, waaaaaa. I found my Swatch though, and I wanted to log in with this week's commitments. Okay so here they come;

1.) Complete current eBay transactions
2.) List five new items this week.
3.) Go to or talk to doctor about how blechy I feel.
4.) Clean my office at least a little bit.
5.) Separate bunnies or fix boys or girls and get them a nicer shelter.
6.) Get a fence man to protect the air conditioner from dog havoc.
7.) Get Beau's lamp/nightlight to work.
8.) Walk or exercise somehow at least three times for a minimum of one half hour, use treadmill at least once.

I can do this. God, some people could get this done in a day, well except for the exercise, or maybe they could. My ex sister-in-law could.

A kind sole on eBay wrote to me and identified my Swatch. It's O Sole Mio, from 1994 and worth maybe 100 deutchmarks, forty-five to fifty US. It's rare but not expensive for some reason. I don't even remember how I got it. Man, if you ever see an old Swatch at a garage sale, grab it.

Here is the image of it from this site.

I'm going to list it today : )

Love you guyz,
Your pal,

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