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Hi Everybody : )

I just came in to the office to grab some things I need, to take pictures of. More stuff for Ebay, Lord knows I need the money, yup. My digital camera is here by the computer, and when I came over to grab it, I found this story that Beau wrote last night for homework. I thought it was so cute that I had to share it with you. I left all of his sweet little misspellings and typos alone because I love them.


On July 4th a fifth grader at KCBS saved 3 kittens from a fire in a house on 5th svu in Brentwood, CA.

Beau was walking down 5th Ave. When he herd "mews" coming from a nearby house. He looked inside and saw a man kick a pipe and then lit a mach suddenly a blaze of fire started. Beau jumped in and found some kittens, the had already left so Beau grabbed the kittens and ran out side. Suddenly fire engines came and put out the fire. Beau gave the kittens to the man and left.

By the Belief of Beau and examination of the head fireman, the fire started with a gas leak. Joe Herra the owner of the house soppsedly by accedent kicked a gas pipe and lit a mach.

Beau Carrillo says, "Idid it to be nice and to save kittens its instinct I guess." SO there you go strate from Beau Carillo.

Beau got in by breaking the window. Soon he jumped in and grabbed the cage. He jumped over the fire and out the door. Then he gave the kittens to the owner.

For Beau's great courge as a reward he recived the kittens to keep and a $1000 check. This was all thanks to Beau Carrillo.

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