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I worked all day taking pictures of some Roseville pieces, some shoes, and a really sweet vintage Coro daisy jewelry set that I'm going to sell on Ebay. It takes me forever to get it all on the computer, let alone to edit it in Photoshop and then put it up on my photo site and then make up the listing.

Jen do you know of an easier way to do this? How do you get your pictures from your camera to your computer? I do them one by one and it takes forever, blech. I'm feeling so weak I'm going to have to go lie down soon. At least Shayan's Dad was kind enough to do the carpool for me so I didn't have to go out.

Another one of my kitties needs to go to the vet. This time it's Baby, my oldest cat. She's a beautiful long haired black Persian mix. I love her so much. I just got a condolence card in the mail for Gelato. I can't focus on it too much or I start crying. I'm going to take a picture of Baby for you guys.

My reward to myself for taking all the pictures and putting them on the computer was to put these Halloween shots up on my journal, Yeay.

This is Beau and his sort-of friend Ryan. Beau wanted to be a Barbarian for Halloween, but people said he looked more like a knight. When I took this picture he was upset because he had gotten in to a fight with his friend Steven during the costume parade. They were fighting with their play swords (why didn't I see this coming), Steven's had a wooden one that broke, and he whacked Beau in the ear with it and hurt him.

This is my favorite Halloween picture this year. I just love this little girl so much. Isn't she beautiful? She was so sweet posing so earnestly for my picture. What a little sweetie-pie, I just want to squish her. My photo listing site, which frankly sucks, (yeah that's you Club Photo, you suck) reduces the resolution so if you want to see these at their intended resolution come to my photo site.

my club photo pics

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