Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I have a crush on the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. I've never seen them, but I love them. I have an oil painting of them, I collect postcards and images. I can't explain it, it's kind of the same for me with lightning, rainbows, volcanos and tornados but my favorite natural phenomena by far is the aurora, sigh.

I was listening as usual to Art Bell tonight, (well not Art Bell exactly because he's laid up with a bad back, but it's still his show), and they were talking about how the aurora is red tonight and ooooh how spooky and rare that is. This woman called in and said that whenever the aurora turns red it means massive impending bloodshed, world war, scariness. Typically I got upset and started to worry. Luckily with just a wee bit of on line research I learned what a ridiculous fear this is.

My beautiful wavy girlfriend turns red when there is more nitrogen present, and while the red wavy curtain is rare, it happens frequently enough to make this stupid prediction just that. I hate the fear mongering aspect of this show. Well, maybe I don't because clearly I'm hooked, maybe it's like a kind of nighttime spooky emotional roller coaster ride that I enjoy taking.

"Language is vain in the attempt to describe its ever varying and gorgeous phases; no pen nor pencil can portray its fickle hues, its radiance, and its grandeur." - William H. Hooper - Polar Explorer

These pictures were lovingly borrowed from Jan Curtis at this great site.

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