Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Will someone please pass me a shotgun?

Subject: Re: why do people stay fat?
Date: 11/10/01 1:19 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: RazorBladeKises
Message-id: <20011110161906.23926.00002184@mb-ci.aol.com>
I definately agree, I bet the person who got offended is probably a fat person too!...fat people , especially chicks are so annoying,..HEY YOU FAT CHICK ! ever think that maybe some people are lucky enough to be born thin and beautiful,..naturally...and men like cause they have this "efficient" thing about them that fat chicks don't have,...like being able to not look doofy even when they trip or fall,..and being able to
fit in seats correctly?
I was right fat people are stupid,..and people like her/him whatever,..just proves me right

Subject: Re: Nor funny!!!
Date: 11/10/01 1:04 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: RazorBladeKises
Message-id: <20011110160433.23926.00002176@mb-ci.aol.com>
It's freakin funny...eating disorder??? I'd say their eater works just fine.
Anyway, fat people are funny to look at because < in most cases (not all),
the people can do something about it. How about trying to NOT go back for
seconds. How about not putting so much gravy on the potatoes. Do you really
need that Double Big Mac value meal??? Try something like a salad or chicken
or something. And just a tip...If you
eat a ton of carrots...you're gonna weigh a ton!!!!

Subject: fat girls are funny to watch
Date: 11/3/01 3:47 PM Pacific Standard Time
Message-id: <20011103184706.18349.00001236@mb-mh.aol.com>
After seeing this movie I realized how much fun it is to watch obese woman go about there daily life. I can go to the mall with my girlfriend and we see who can find the biggest mammoth of a woman.... Betting usually goes along good with heifer hunting!! try it.. its TONS of fun!!! Im sure some fat girls will become mad hearing about the new "sport" but that's OK , besides some weird guys like BIG woman... They can cook
good.. I have to give them that!!!! farewell and happy hunting...

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