Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh Man am I tired. I finally listed my eBay items. Phew. You can come see my listings here if you're interested. I put up three Roseville vases, a sweet vintage Coro daisy jewelry set, and a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes that Beau wore only once. In the past I would have just given them away but now since our vet bills have been so terrifying and continue to climb, I desperately need the money.

I'm going to go look at my commitments for the week and see how I did. Okay so here they are;

1.) Complete current eBay transactions
2.) List five new items this week.
3.) Go to or talk to doctor about how blechy I feel.
4.) Clean my office at least a little bit.
5.) Separate bunnies or fix boys or girls and get them a nicer shelter.
6.) Get a fence man to protect the air conditioner from dog havoc.
7.) Get Beau's lamp/nightlight to work.
8.) Walk or exercise somehow at least three times for a minimum of one half hour, use treadmill at least once.

Wow, I thought I did better than this, shoot. Okay well, I did follow through on my current auctions, I listed seven new items, instead of five. I went to the doctor and bravely told her some things I was afraid to talk about. Noemi cleaned my office a little bit, and I finally fixed Beau's lamp/nightlight problem. I didn't separate the bunnies, or get them a new shelter, but we covered their hutch for warmth and shelter, and that will buy me another day or so. I didn't get the fence fixed. I didn't get any exercise because I was so sick, which sucks, but I am starting to feel better finally.

This has been such a hard, sad week. My cat Baby is still in the hospital, she is very sick, she has a messed up liver and doesn't want to eat. I need to ask you guys for more prayers and meditative good wishes. We'll know more tomorrow when some tests come back but I really don't want to be up against this brutal decision again, and no matter what happens, it means another couple thousand dollars on top of the fourteen hundred for Gelato. I'm turning it over, what else can I do?


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