Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Woohoo I did it, I listed something else on ebay. I'm having fun doing this but it takes sooo much time. These are old candy gift boxes. They have stains but they're from the teens and are so pretty, it's amazing things like this survive, they must have been someone's romantic treasures. A gift from someone important.

wacqui's eBay auctions

Okay that's it, I'm finally going to get some sleep now. Oh wait, I sold Beau's shoes for fifty dollars, wow, I should have been doing this all along, instead of giving it all away to people who took it for granted, and were never very appreciative about it. I just gave a mountain of his clothes away, things he never wore, that he didn't like for one reason or another, but that came from Polo on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, pants, shirts, a gorgeous blazer. Argh, oh well, it's just stuff. Weird how this is shifting things for me. I'm looking around my house and noticing how much I don't really want or need anymore. I don't want to buy as much either, verrrrrry interesting.

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