Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Things I wish I could afford to buy on eBay.

I love end of day Bakelite bangles like these.

Oh man I wish I could afford this, a bakelite jar of bees. Although I think I like the blackberry bakelite pin more.

Oh look here's another one, this one has fish. Huh, I just learned about another designer, Shultz.

I'm so tired, this was such a long day. I should go to sleep. I miss my Scott, I wish he would come over here right now and make love with me : ( I think I've retrieved my sex drive from it's long sleep in the cavern of too much estrogen. I've switched BC pills and I'm feeling better, although I've had massive shopping cravings all of a sudden, and my itchy shopaholic nature had kind of drifted off with my sexuality. Now they're back and they're hungry. What the hell?

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