Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

last night I felt really badly for ana who was having what looked like a scary anxiety attack, poor little lamby girl. I wanted to be able to reach through the computer and make it all better but I kept smacking up against the glass. oooff. I thought maybe a few jokes, or a hug or some nice new candles or a friendly calming presence, or my favorite meditation healing sound, that I learned from Mr. Famous Indian Guru Guy, whose name I'm not able to access through my sleepy, early morning, brain fog might help.

I'm watching the wonderful home decorating shows on Discovery. They're just so mellow and fun and non stressful, you know? I feel safe knowing there won't be anything here that will yank out my heart and give it that emotional TV twist, that's going to make me cry or feel like our planet is just so screwed up we won't last another generation.

Commercials are really getting goofier. The reason I took the time to write to you is because I saw the funniest commercial on Discovery and wondered if you'd seen it. It has these two very average guys in rock costumes, hanging by wires, bouncing, and being hit on the head by more rocks. It's an ad for discovery.com, and they are purposely being really cheesy and lame. "Hello Meteor," "Hello Meteor," "I learned that most meteors burn up in Earth's atmosphere." Then like a bad fifties science project or something, they burst into flames and say "Aaaaaaaa the atmospheeeere, aaaaaa the atmosphere" in these completely expressionless voices. Oh man I laughed so hard. I love a good bizarre commercial that comes out of the blue and makes me laugh.

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