Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I went to the weirdest place tonight. I was feeling horny and missing my man and wanted to use the magic wand while watching something appealing on the computer so I typed in adult webcams and wound up at this place I signed up for where you watch people have sex and chat with them at the same time. They cahrge something like $3.00 a minute and what do you think I did? I wound up chatting away about sixty dollars with this couple who weren;t having sex, but they were just so cute. I'm like the guy who goes to the prostitute and doesn;t want to do it but who pays her to tell him all about her life.

I don't have any judgement about sex for money or anything that is consensual where no harm comes to anyone. The problem is that I think other people have judgement about it. I admire ana for the courage she has in making these beautiful images and being nude and just living so openly. I would loove to do that but I am too afraid of it getting back to my Mother and her world somehow. I think it would be so great to make three dollars a minute making love to my partner and talking with people who think we are beautiful. I just don't think I'd like having people say creepy things like, "Yeah, yeah, that's it, jiggle her tits before you cum man." I went in to a room where a guy was actually saying that, gross. The couple I visited with was just soooo cute and loveable, they had the sweetest energy. I think this is their job, having sex on cam for money. I asked them how they can do it so much, don't they get sore, but they just laughed it off. I want to go hug and cuddle them and play with them.

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