Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm watching the remake of Brian's Song. God, remember that film? I cried so much I couldn't breathe.

I'm really happy for my boyfriend Scott, he's a musician (an awesome, and I really do mean awesome, singer songwriter) and he's never had a CD demo, they've always been on tape, and never good enough to really show off his talent. He's been working with this producer and they've finally got one song done. I'll get to hear it tomorrow. Two more to go and he'll have something he can give people.

My old pal Durga called me today to tell me that she was excited to have been invited to perform with The English Beat the other night. I haven't heard of them in years. I was a huge fan and Durga thought to call me because I had been the one who introduced her to them. I love my pal Durga. I'm so weirdly shy, I never go out or see anyone. I have to do something about this.


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