Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh dear this is hard, which should I choose, Oprah who makes me cry too much, or boring but interesting and predictable Lynnette Jennings and home projects? Oh no it's no problem Lynette ended and Christopher Lowell is on. I like him, but I'm not convinced of his taste. It's kind of like Ladies Home Journal when I've graduated to House and Garden. Okay let's see what Oprah has on. A very handsome graceful black man and she's reading a letter from his father and he's crying, maaaaaannnnn. Oh it's Tiger Woods. How can I not love Oprah, I just have so much sadness and stimulation and need some flat nothingness sometimes, you know? See Godamnit I'm crying. I knew it, I knew it. And now I'm crying again, great this is a, best of letters sent in, show. Remember the one where this little boy Andrew, who wasn't popular in school, but whose teacher who died had made him feel cared for? He wrote in to say how much he loved her and wrote this beautiful poem to her that ended; (this from my best recollection,)

...farewell dear teacher
you served us well,
God needs you now,
he's ringing the bell,
I understand why
you left us at last,
God needs you to lead,
his angel class"

That just kills me. Okay and now I'm crying again because this little boy wrote in for his best friend who loves Shaquille O'neill. They flew him out to meet him and here was this big man taking the time to come see these two tiny little boys, and they show them walking together down a hallway. Oh and now there is a woman who wrote in because when she was a little eight year old girl she and her brother had been in this car when her mother committed suicide by driving their car into the lake. Her brother had rolled down the back window and pushed her out, and she wanted to meet the man who had saved her so she could tell him that she was okay. sheesh see what I mean, I love this show, but it's hard to take sometimes.

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