Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My Mother's Housekeeper Is Evil

I want this little Steiff snowman sooo badly : ( I always want stuff, it's only my petty materialism rearing it's ugly head, just ignore it, it'll go away if you don't feed it.

Still feeling sad, I haven't been up to reading people's journals or even comments in my own. I'll be fine, everything happens for a divine reason.

Hey I loved Art Bell last night. He had this wonderful woman on who talked about her life after death experience, those are always my favorite, not the spooky, demony ones.

My Mother's creepy greedy nasty housekeeper Rosa is up to her old tricks again. She doesn't like the sweet woman who works on the weekends. We've all known this for a while but my Mother is totally blind to her machinations and trickery. I reallllly dislike this woman, really, really, really. She's gross. I have so many stories, she's pushed out everyone else who has ever worked for Mom. She's a liar, she tries to turn my Mother against me.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago, the woman who works on the weekends, Carla, couldn't work so I arranged for Mom to hire a friend of mine who is super poor right now. She doesn't have money to buy her son shoes, that kind of poor. Her name is Saida. She's a really good woman, an incredibly hard worker. So two weeks ago Saida showed up to stay with Mom for the weekend for two hundred dollars. She brought her son Freddy, who is Beau's friend. He's also nice and totally willing to help.

Rosa showed them what to do, she said, "Don't clean anything, just look after Mrs. Hyland. Don;t worry about any of this mess, there's really nothing to do here, it's so boring and easy, you'll see." She probably did this so Saida wouldn't show her up and make her look bad. Anyway Saida worked her heart out, cleaned all of these gross, hard to clean things that Rosa won't bother with. Shower scum, toilets, things Mom misses because she's too elderly to notice. They worked and worked all weekend getting stuff done, and when Rosa came back on Monday instead of being mad that Saida made her look bad, I guess she was secretly thrilled because now she won't have to do any of that stuff anymore. So she told Saida that Mother is so thrilled with her that she's hiring her permanently, she totally took this upon herself to do, without asking Mom. I don't know why Rosa doesn't like poor Carla, but Carla needs the job too, she's poor and struggling and has a little girl to support and Mom loves her.

Cut to this past weekend. Saida called twice to confirm all of this with Rosa and was overjoyed that she'd found a permanent weekend job so she showed up at Mom's. Then apparently Rosa called Carla and told her not to come to work. Carla said she was coming anyway and showed up. Carla and Saida ran into each other in the kitchen and didn't understand what was going on at all. Mom told Saida to go home. Saida came crying to me. I gave her work for the weekend when I can't afford it, and Rosa denied everything on Monday. Carla said, oh this is nothing new, she's always doing this to me, she tried to do this to me a few weeks ago. I hate Rosa, she really scares me. I'll tell Mom but it won't do any good because she is utterly dependent on her. If it came down to Rosa or me, I think my Mom would choose Rosa.

When we stayed with Mom for Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, Rosa made it very clear to me how she feels about our being there, she refused to do any cleaning or picking up after us. She makes Mom's beds and cleans her room and does the beds and rooms of any of her guests, but my room and Beau's room, she refuses to touch. When they left, they left three days earlier than we did so I asked her to leave the food in the refrigerator so we would have something to eat. I told her to leave the food, my Mom told her to leave the food, but in the end she took what she wanted, the Thanksgiving leftovers, obviously so she could take them home to her family. I'm sorry to be so petty but I just really hate this woman. Ooooooooommmmmmmm........ That's the sound of me meditating over this.

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