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Yeay look what I got, little miniature bottle brush Christmas trees. I just love these for some reason. I've been collecting them for years. I like to make little mini forests around the house. It's kind of hard to do now though with all the kitties so we have to limit our holiday decorating to rooms where they can't go, like the library, Beaus room, and my office.

We bought our tree tonight. I went through the usual tree guilt, and semi-overcame it with the usual justifications.
Beau picked out ours and the tree for my Mother. He's so cute when he throws his arms around the tree and says, "This one this one!"

Esther came today, (she works the weekends) and told me not to feel too bad about Noemi (but of course I still do) because she thinks Noemi treats Beau differently than she treats me. She thinks she's more attached to me and therefore nicer than she is with Beau to whom she is more harsh and judgmental. I know she cares about him though, I think she just has a more rigid philosophy about raising kids and wants him to do what she tells him to do without discussion or complaint, but that's unrealistic and I have to think of Beau and his happiness first. I know Noemi is the one who made the decision to leave but I still feel badly for her and am worrying about how she is feeling this weekend. I can't stand thinking she's at home crying. I feel badly for Noemi and for the cats and for myself. I'll miss her so much : (

Esther told me that when Beau comes home from school and calls out saying, "Hello, I'm home, Noemi, I'm hungry," that Noemi ignores him and doesn't answer him. He looks for her from room to room until he finds her and then she reluctantly makes him something. I don't know if this is completely true, there are always two sides to every story, and I want to be fair, but I guess the universe is taking care of us, and that there is a rightness to things. I'm just sad about it.

Oh and the receptionist at Scott's office got fired. That's so sad, right before Christmas and the holidays. I think she is a young single Mom and has no one else to look after her little boy when he gets sick and has to be sent home from school, so they got really upset when she left a couple of times. Scott told me they had worked it out and that they were going to keep her but then they suddenly fired her without letting anyone know it was coming, poor thing. I may be paranoid but I'm really wondering if her being African-American had anything to do with it. I hope Scott tells me I'm being completely off the wall here but I'm sort of feeling this instinctively.

Well, we're going to watch Pearl Harbor on tape tonight. I saw it in the theatres but Beau was too scared to, and said he wanted me to rent it. Today seemed like the perfect day for it, considering it's the sixtieth anniversary.

Okay, well, I love you guys, I'm wondering how all of you are, I'll get caught up this weekend. Jen aren't you glad I told you about Live Journal : ) ?

Hugs from your pal,

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