Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Here are the kitties hanging out on their favorite bed. You can see a much better image of this on my photo listing page. Juts come to my journal and there's a link on the top : )

I'm trying to talk myself into taking photos of the things I'm planning on selling on eBay. I procrastinate so much and all I can think is that it must come out of a crippling need to be perfect, it all kind of boils down to fear. I know this comes from my childhood, and how hard my parents were on me, nothing was good enough, but now that I'm an adult I want to get rid of this handicap and just get things done. Any ideas?

I'm going to be selling some very nice Barbies and more rhinestone jewelry, anyone want a Barbie, hee hee, I'll link some pictures once I push through this yechyness.

I'm looking forward to decorating the tree and I haven;t even shown you our Halloween pictures yet, boo, sad.

Okay off I go to make room on my camera by transferring all of the latest kitten photos.

Love you muchly,

PS: Vitamins are good, (eh Brendan)?

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