Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

You know what I do that is kind of lame? Instead of just posting things throughout the day as they come to me, I just keep this thing on my desk and keep writing in it. Then every once in a while something will go wrong and I'll get pissed and wind up writing everything in this text editor anyway.

Note to beloved Brad; hurry, hurry and implement a spell checker. People will probably want to squish me for this but I would be willing to pay for an upgraded feature version of livejournal. (To be honest I'd be happy to pay for this because I love it so much) Maybe that would be a good plan to offset the costs, because how can he possibly handle all of this for free? You know, if this version that we all use is the stripped down version and he developed a more sophisticated version for us lamers who can't learn the HTML quickly enough then people could pay for the upgraded version. He could have text, color, links and insert photo buttons then we'd be set. Okay squish me now.

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