Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Ooooh I've been busy. Beau's birthday party is this weekend so I've been cleaning the house and planting the garden, we put a new arbour up and bought some more roses and baby tears for the parkway. (Man do I ahve to pee, aaaack) Yesterday i was able to watch oprah, I love oprah, ana loves oprah, that's one more reason to love ana as far as i'm concerned. Anyway I was making calls for moonbounces and magicians and craft people and figuring out the invitation list and got to watch my hero oprah. It was so touching I creid the entire time. Then I got into a stupid debate wiht our electrician dan about goodness and charity. he's such a farging cynic, grrrr. Last nihgt when I put beau to bed I told him all of the stories from the show; the one about the sweet woman who became a nurse when her teacher had told her she'd never make it because she was black and therefor intellectually inferior, who later founded a clinic that has helped over 20,000 impoverished children. The part I loved the most was that she always gave them books to go home with and then scholastic books donated a bunch of books for her. I also like the story of the young guy who goes and plays guitar wiht the ninety five year old lady down the street, how he gave her a keyboard and taped all the c keys so she could see them, and the two women who were friends only to find out that one's family had owned the others as slaves. I can't help it, I just love Oprah's show.

Dan told me an unbelievable story about why he doesn't drink. his grandfather was from serbia and was a horrible alcoholic. He used to abuse his wife and his children hated and feared him. When he lost his legs to gangrene in the war he couldn't chase her and beat her anymore so he got a long whip and would use that. Dan's fateher said he would never get over the sound of that whip cracking through the house as he used it on his mother. When I wondered why she couldn't stay out of reach dan said she might be able to stay away fromt he whip but not the bullet. Sorry for the grim story it's just that it reminds me that no matter how bad things might seem to me, or to have been in my ended relationship it could never have beena as bad as that, God that poor woman.

I really have to go get some sleep and peeeeee. I want to go to the market and buy cake. But I don't want to be fat anymore. Hmmm market and cake
or lose weight and be thinner. Which should I choose? I think the cake will win today.

Oh I got a call from a casting director asking for tape of me. so I ahd to call him back as my manager persona and pretend to be frustrated that my clinet (myself) hasn't gotten her tape to me yet. He said, "Oh don't worry that's not that uncommon, we have a lot fo people in the same position, the director will just go voer the headshots then and let us know next week." It's nice to be wanted once in a while when I've been doing absolutely nothing for my career.

I like that Angelina jolie has a tatoo around her arm that says, "A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages." It's a Tennessee Williams quote. I wish so much that I could be in another Tennessee Williams play, those women all have such similar insanity and passion to my own. I can relate to them so well.

I also wish that an angel would descend from the heavens and help me learn how to design a web page wiht a couple of live cams and live journal embedded in it.

Okay that's it, I go now.

love you guys,

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