Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Wow I just listed all of these things on Ebay and I've already gotten two bids. I love eBay so much. Thank you God.

I'm selling Barbies and signed rhinestone jewelry. It takes forever to do though, and then there are all of those lovely folks who make up sad reasons for why they haven't follwed the rules they agreed to when they bid, and then never pay you, weeeee.

Oh and Jen, if you read this, pleeeeeeease don't worry, I didn't even notice, take all the time you want. I'm exactly the same way, I get busy, procrastinate, whatever, and then get really worried about it. I swear I don't care, I'm one of the most easy going people you're likely to meet. I think it must be because of my, pre-Maria/Julie Anderson-Von-Trapp-family, rearing.

Come see Jacqui's auctions here.

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