Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I am so blessed, I have this friend on Live Journal, I can't say who it is because it would make him or her uncomfortable, but I have this amazing friend who has twice sent me fifty dollars when I needed it the most. I sent the last fifty back because I'm okay now, but if ever there were proof of angels, it is this. I mean to just give someone fifty dollars because they mention that they are in trouble is so incredibly kind, it dazzles me.

The funny thing is that just last night, my Mother's housekeeper, who I really dislike, asked me if I could loan her three hundred dollars until after Christmas. I don't like her but I feel compassion for her and for her family. I couldn't afford to loan her three hundred but I gave her a hundred and said it was a Christmas present. This kind of thing just proves that with a little faith and a generous heart whatever good you do will certainly come back to you. I hope someone does something really generous for my friend.

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