Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh my God you guys, this is the first Christmas of my life where I've managed to get all of my gifts, including Beau's stocking, and the gifts for our wonderful gardener, and beloved mail carrier, (I'm serious I really love these guys), wrapped before Christmas Eve. I'm usually rushing around at the last second trying to get things wrapped while getting dressed to go to my Mom's. Usually I have to stress out about getting gifts wrapped and under the tree when I come home late on Christmas Eve. I don't understand how people get all of their shopping out of the way in November or earlier, and it isn't like I don't obsess about it all year long either, big huge sigh.

I had a massage yesterday and even though I'm reallly sore because he has to work super deeply to get out the knots, it's much better. It lasted all day and then just as I was finishing things in the library, (that's where our big tree and presents are, because it's the only non cat room, and the kitties looooove the tree, I used to just let them have at it, but there are just too many of them now and the poor tree would be utterly defenseless against them), my back started spasming again. I've been considering that this may be my punishment for not having been more sympathetic to Art Bell when he was off the air so much because he was having major back problems.

Oh man Jackass is on. This is one of those shows that I just can't decide whether I love or hate. It's seriously sadomasochistic. "Hit him in the nuts" "If you hit me in my nuts again man, I'm seriously gonna fucking punch you in the face." I can't tell if the background music is "I wanna die-ie-ie, or what a guy-uy-uy."


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