Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Gang, I guess I'm just full fo questions tonight, hee hee. Umm, I just asked the nice owner of this auction on ebay how he makes the letters of his web site trail along after his cursor, but thought maybe some of you might know? I've seen little butterflies doing that. Is there a program we can buy or download to do that? Can you make anything you like trail along after your cursor. I would like to images of my favorite people on the web, so there'd be little versions of you guys. You know? Little heads floating along wiht my cursor, wouldn't that be funny and possibly a bit annoying, of course I'd ask you first.

Also I've been wanting to know how to make text run along the bottom of a window.

Tell me what you think, I surfed into this auction from the bids of another buyer. I dont have anything against gore. he could be more pro environment and more Budhist as far as I'm concerned. Although I'll admit saying he invented the internet, well, that pretty much sucked ; ) Poor guy, what the hell was he thinking?

love youze,


Oh and wanna know someting really weird? I went to that Bond Girl name generator thing and guess what my name was? Morami Tulov, and I'm fat, is that weird or what? I know I was frightened.

I can't find my html notes so i can put the links in and make it easier for you to go there. I'll fix it later.

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