Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I am having the weirdest day. You know how they say feed a cold starve a fever. I think I must be getting a cold because I'm hungry ever two and a half to three hours. It's embarrassing, kind of, because Saida is here and Noemi, who is leaving next Thursday is training her and Saida must think I do nothing but eat and watch bad TV. I wanted to go out but I just can't find the motivation, argh. At least I get to see my beloved Scotty tonight. Maybe a shower would help?

Oh I don't know if I mentioned that Scott and I are going away for a couple of days. That should be fun. He found what sounds like a great place near Santa Barbara, these sweet little cabins with huge windows on a creek, a ten minute walk to the beach. Sounds perfect for cuddling and walking while holding hands. We'll be back in time for New Year's Eve because I don't want to leave Beau alone. I remember the best New Year I ever had was this one night when Scott and I were making love at the stroke of midnight, oh heaven. I miss that, but now that Beau's older it's pretty hard to coordinate.

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