Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Everybody,

I just got back yesterday afternoon. I took pictures to show you. It was so much fun. If you like camping and nature you would love this place. It's really sweet, simple, and natural.

Scott and I both have sleeping weirdnesses so it was a bit challenging the first night, then I got earplugs and took a sleeping pill and all was fine.

There were lots of tick tick birds, ummmm, woodpeckers, and blue jays and a skunk. We also went to see the nearby llamas but they were shy and wouldn't let us touch them. I love llamas. It rained the whole time so we didn't get to go beach combing. I love walking on the beach looking for shells, sea glass, or pretty rocks. I really wanted to do that.

I'll tell you more later.

Thanks so much everyone for going to the celebrity sightings' site and logging in your stories. I barely had time to post my little requests and then I had to go, so I haven't had a chance to visit, or read your stories, but I will soon, I promise.

I want to buy this little Steiff bush baby. Bush Babies will forever remind me of that scene in 2001, where Dave's daughter asks him for a bush baby for Christmas.

I bought a really cute vintage pixie cookie jar at an antique mall in Santa Barbara and a little wooly Steiff frog.

I'm taking Beau and Freddy to see I Am Sam in about ten seconds, as soon as I'm done posting this. I think it will be good for them, especially because one of Beau's friends is really prejudiced against anyone who is different. He's upset because he doesn't like Freddy because he thinks he's fat and stupid and now that Saida is going to be working for us that means Freddy will be here often. I detest prejudice and arrogance, I don't want any of this nastiness to rub off on Beau. Beau is afraid to stand up to him because this kid always pulls out the, "well, then I won't be your friend," card, and Beau feels that he doesn't have enough friends. I really have to help Beau with this, I think this particular friendship is bad for him.

I hope I get a chance to wish all of you a happy New Year again today but just in case. Happy New Year everyone!!! Bye bye 2001, you were a really hard year.

Bye Bye beautiful French Franc, sigh.

Bye Bye Lawrence Singleton, we won't miss you! Tell the Devil he can take a break this year, he's fired, find another job.

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