Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I collect all kinds of Christmas ornaments, but I really love the pink ones. Oh I just love all of this old glittery kitschy stuff. I still owe you a picture of my ornament wreath, I really like it. Noemi's turned out really well too. I wish I had a picture of it.

I took Beau and Freddie to see I Am Sam yesterday and we all really loved it. Sean Pen is wonderful, even though he strikes me as a kind of dark, scary, broody person. Although people who have worked with him say he's kind. I just wonder about Robin Wright Penn, she looks so unhappy in photos. I saw her twice in person, once at the Gap in Santa Monica, last year around Christmas, and once several years ago when she sat next to me at a little restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was fun listening to her making her wedding plans.

My friend Durga went hot tubbing in Malibu years and years ago with Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton I think. Bla bla bla. I should put this on my celebrity page, yup I think I will.

Discovery channel is all about scary tsunamis and asteroid wipe outs from space. I'm fascinated by waves. I love wave photography. I love the ocean.

Beau had me browsing the Atlantis hotel and casino website tonight. He saw an ad on TV and told me he wants us to go there. So cute. It's in the Bahamas and looks like a nice place to play. I prefer more natural hidden kinds of places, rather than really huge commercial resorts, but this would be fun.

I'm looking forward to A Birth Story at nine on Discovery tonight. It's a documentary about nine different births that take place all on the same day in different countries. Woah a weird fly just dive bombed my hair. Where did he come from?

Okay now I'm watching a celebrity version of Fear Factor and it is really freaking me out; Donny Osmond, Kelly Preston (John Travolta's wife), Chynna, and Coolio, and they're all in this dark, scary, underground subway tunnel, putting their heads in this box, and letting the Fear Factor people pour worms, centipedes, and giant emperor scorpions all over their face and hair. At least they get to wear goggles and ear plugs but what about their noses and mouths. I can't believe Kelly Preston did this, my respect for her has just shot up about ten levels, man, how gross.

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