Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

The AFI Awards, The SAG Nominating Committee, and Gifts from Jen and Susan.

Oh Yeay Curb Your Enthusiasm just won an AFI award. (See Scotty see.) This is my second favorite show on TV. Okay I'm starting to think there may be some credibility here.

This was such a good year for film and TV.

I heard that membership in the SAG nominating committee is a random thing. How would it happen? Do you think you'd get a note in the mail followed by floods of studio preview tapes? There's a job I would love to have. Do any of you get preview tapes? I seem to be forever out of that loop : (

I realllllllly need sleep, not sleepsleep, well, I guess I need you too ; ) But what I need tonight is sleep, the non Live Journal kind.

Oh, and OH MY GOD, I buried the lead. Jen sent me the most beautiful piece of art for Christmas and I only got it just now. I hadn't been to the PO Box in a couple of weeks and there it was, so beautiful Jen, I'm so grateful and touched, you're amazing. It's a drawing/painting of a gorgeous angel/fairy creature hovering over a little girl (or a woman) in bed with a cat. It's framed in fairy dust glitter. Heaven, happiness!!!

I also opened Susan's wonderful, wonderful package, finally, and it was filled with so many wonderful things for us. Thank you so so so much, you're the best, so generous and you obviously take such great care in putting it together. You know just what I will love. Which reminds me I've been meaning to thank you again for the Zen Koan cards you got me. They've become such a helpful spiritual aid, I use them every week. It must seem weird that I waited so long to open this one, it's just that I I really wanted to savor it, and the holidays were such a rushed stressful time, so I waited, I hope that makes sense. I put all of my little eBay packages, things I had bought for myself, and your package, under the tree, and kept them as something to look forward to.

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