Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Trauma: Life In the ER, A Vet Visit, and Should I Have Bariatric Surgery?

Oooh my favorite reality based show is on; Trauma Life in the ER. Can anyone tell me why I would like something like this? And my favorite episode was the one where this guy got a big piece of wood wedged up the bridge of his nose. I actually watched them pull it out. Tonight's episode features a young woman who shoots her hand off, weeeee.

I'm busy mailing out dress seeking query letters, to vintage clothing dealers on eBay. I'm trying to build a collection of my Mother and Grandmother's dresses, they were fashion designers and manufacturers, here in California, from the thirties through the early seventies.

Dr. Michael and Valerie came by today. We shaved Chippy's private parts, cleaned and medicated them, and then put an E. Collar on him so he won't keep licking them. Fuzzums and Mini Harina got check ups and I'll pick up prescriptions for them tomorrow.

I've pretty much talked my Mother into paying whatever the insurance won't cover for bariatric (stomach stapling, the Carney Wilson operation) surgery for me. Now I have to weigh the risks and decide if I can find the courage to do this. I worry for Beau, being big is fine, but being big with health problems isn't so fine anymore, and I don't know what's more risky, aging with too much weight on my body, or having surgery. Oh too funny, the phone just rang and it's my Mother calling to tell me there is a show about this surgery on Discovery, can this be a coincidence? Oh man, this show is so depressing, frig.

If I'm going to apply to Crossroads for Beau I have to do it in the next two days, the deadline is the ninth. Argh, so many big deal, life changing things to think about.

The article I was interviewed for, the one about my celebrity sightings journal, will be in the Calendar section of the LA Times this Thursday, the tenth. Hmmmm.

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