Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Applying to Private Schools in LA, a Selfish Father and Mercury Fillings.

Today we're finishing Beau's application packet to Crossroads. If you haven't been through this, (and I wonder how unique to LA it is), you can't imagine what hell applying to private schools can be. You can have a wonderful child, be a super supportive volunteer parent, and have all the money in the world, but none of that will guarantee a place in a good school. There are just too many people and not enough room.

We're only talking about sixth grade and they want transcripts, teacher recommendations, a letter from an administrator commenting on his citizenship, essays by both the child and the parents, and there's this amazingly tough admissions test (the ISEE) that I swear is on a par with the SAT. Little kids are having to take prep classes in order to do well on a test that will aid their admittance into GRADE school. It's so unfair.

Beau is in public school now but it ends at fifth grade and then he would go on to a much rougher seeming school. The kids there supposedly get into fights and there is always the fear that someone will bring a gun. Teachers are totally overwhelmed and stressed out and class size is maxed out. This, in the best part of Los Angeles.

We didn't even make the lottery for the applicant pool for Brentwood, when I was trying to get Beau into a good private school for Kindergarten. Out of one thousand kids, (the lottery narrowed them down to three hundred), only thirty were admitted, and that includes siblings and legacies. The Sultan of Brunei's favorite son, (basically the wealthiest little boy on the planet) didn't get in. It's insane.

Beau's Dad doesn't even care. He wouldn't help the first time around, when we were still together, and he has no interest now. I'm pretty angry about this but am working on accepting his uninvolvement except when it would somehow benefit him, like when his family is getting together and he needs his son as a prop so that he won't stand out as the bad dad he truly is.

I feel badly about writing this about him, but it's so true. he sees Beau on average twice a month for a few hours each time. He contributes nothing. This last Sunday when he took Beau out, he brought along a new girlfriend, even though our family therapist and I have asked him not to. Beau said he was uncomfortable because he felt like he had to compete for his Father's attention. When they went to the movies, Robby sat on the aisle of course, with the girl in the middle so Beau didn't get to sit next to his Dad and wound up next to this girlfriend whose name he doesn't even know. He said he felt alone because she leaned in to Robby the whole time. Argh, I want to strangle him. But he did like that she has Playstation and Ninetendo 64, yup, I wonder how old this one is, twelve?

I guess it all comes down to footwork and trust. I do the work and God takes care of the big stuff

I miss my Scott, I wish I could call him but he's still at lunch.

I'm going to go to the dentist at three. I loooove my dentist, he's the best, totally natural, holistic, anti-mercury fillings, but will give you pain meds if you needs them. He's going to fix two more of my teeth. Teeth, ack.

Speaking of mercury, my last dentist said it was all a bunch of crap, that mercury fillings are perfectly safe. Unhunh, and so is the mercury in the vaccinations we've been giving our children, that we are now learning may be the cause of autism. Do you think the American Dental Association would be in any hurry to tell us they've been filling our mouths with a poisonous unstable substance if they had proof of that?

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