Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Free Words Project
Sleepsleep told me about this via her journal. We volunteered to distribute this free little pink book. It's going to be fun sneaking them in to bookstores. Hmmm, this might be an idea for Brendan's publishing company.

I'm missing Scotty. I made the terrible mistake of watching about twenty minutes of a soap opera today, two different couples were making soap opera love, I've been hungry ever since. Hurry hurry before I fall asleep.

Which reminds me, right on to the full frontal, male nudity, on Sex and the City. I'm for equal time on the male nudity front. Does anyone remember the Free Willy protest at the Oscars a few years ago? I thought it was great, but I'm pretty sure it was a prank by the LA chapter of the Cacophony Society. I miss those guys, I was going to play with them, oh yeah the Mummies for Gore prank, but then I forgot about it. I'll have to look them up.

Which Internal Organ are you? Find out at willaston's lounge!


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