Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Dirt Bike Riding, PCOS and Obesity.

Oh shoot, that last post was from last night. I found it sitting in my little journal program when I was getting ready to log in just now. I'm having a veggie burrito, what are you having? I'm drinking Penta water, it's so expensive, and I wonder if it's all a scam, but it tastes great so I drink it anyway.

I'm online looking for dirt bike trails for Beau. He wanted a BMX bike for Christmas as his main gift so I got him one, but it turns out, it's a dirt bike. He picked it out of a catalogue so we didn't know. Anyway I've been calling bike stores and hunting around and it turns out one of the best places is really close to us so we're going to go check it out. It's a trail called The Coaster, or The Whips and you have to walk your bike up a fire road, about two miles or so, till you find this crazy dirt bump ride and you just ride it down. Although one of the people posting about it broke his wrist, argh, scary, what's a Mom to do?

My psychiatrist gave me an article from Newsweek titled, "It's Not Your Fault." It's all about the link between PCOS, (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome, this fabulous thing I have) and obesity. It stresses how being overweight isn't a moral issue. That felt comforting.

Hah my phone just rang here in the office and it was Beau saying my assistant/pal Esther said she thinks we should go now because the sun is out and it's just perfect. Too cute. Gotta go.

Have I told you guys how much I adore all of you lately? I really really do.

Big huge hugs,
Jacqui who doesn't post in her friends journals enough.

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