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Kitty Sets His Butt on Fire, Leaving a Beloved Therapist, and AOL Tech Hell.

My son's cat, Chippy, set his bottom on fire a few nights ago. I keep meaning to tell you, but then I get busy as usual. He's fine, no burns or anything, just singed off hair, but it was really scary.

I was taking a nice, long bath, with candles and Jen's wonderful, homemade, vanilla bath salts, and had lit a few sweet-smelling candles. Chippy and a few other kitties were milling around the edge of the tub. I've never had to worry about cats and candles, as long as you don't leave them alone together in a room, they're fine. Chippy, who you may remember is wearing a big, plastic, Queenie collar, to keep him from licking his favorite parts, is being treated with a kind of antibiotic ointment, that the vet prescribed. We put it all over his umm, well, genital region, to help it heal from all of that licking. Anyway, as Chippy passed by one of the candles, I saw the flame leap across the distance between it and Chippy, and set his whole bottom aflame. It was like Michael Jackson and the Pepsi commercial or Baked Alaska. It went whoomph, then I screamed, and Chippy screamed. I grabbed him and was going to dunk him in the tub when it suddenly went out. Chippy went screaming and skittering in to the other room, and there I was wet, naked, and stunned, with the smell of burned kitty bottom, and burnt fur ashes flying through the air. It turns out the ointment I've been using is extremely flammable. It lit on fire and burned itself out. Poor Chippy. He's okay though, no burns I promise.

I said good-bye to my beloved therapist Susan Pomerantz today. God, if there is anyone out there who needs the most loving, supportive, grooviest, angel-being of a therapist, (I also have a wonderful dentist), please let me know and I'll refer you. She's really, really, one of the kindest, loveliest, most supportive women I've ever known. It's so hard to say good-bye, so painful, in fact, that I kind of rushed off the phone, after she just gushed compliments at me.

I just feel that she helped me through the loss of Robby, helped me get over some scary addictive behaviors, helped give me a sense of Mother love that I'd been missing, helped bolster my self esteem, and was a tremendous source of unconditional positive regard, but that I need to shake things up a little and try something new. Our sessions had kind of turned in to girlie chat visits and I was finding excuses not to go and becoming super inconsistent. I learned so much from her, but I need something different now, maybe hypnosis, I don't know. I feel like I need someone more challenging somehow. I want homework or more analysis, something. If I had all the money in the world, I'd hire Susan to be my perfect therapy Mom/friend, and I would be so happy, but I don't have all the money in the world so I need to take my meager resources and put them somewhere new now.

I had a hard time with my AOL software this morning. For some reason it kept asking me for my password, and when it would deign to sign me on, would get locked up and frozen. I called the AOL techs, which is kind of like saying I called McDonald's and asked to speak with a French pastry chef, but what recourse do I have? Every time I talk to those, okay, I'll say it, awful people, they have a totally different fix or resolution. It's infuriating.

It's always the same; you wait forever, someone with a country accent (no offense to friends here) comes on and either walks me through things in the most condescending way, (do you see that little square on the bottom right hand corner of your screen, we call that the start button), or they rush me through some kind of fix, hurry me off the phone, and leave me frustrated and with my problem still unresolved at the next sign on.

Anyway, it was the same today; I waited forever, got a really stupid sounding fellow who said something along the lines of, "Yup, it's a goner, you're a gonna have ta reinstall all a your screen names, and jest ferget about your filin cabinet, e-mail, favorite places, and any stored files you mighta had, they're goners." When I asked to speak to someone else I wound up getting bounced back and forth between DSL techs, and Windows techs, both departments claiming the problem wasn't theirs, until I finally found one incredibly surly individual who actually helped me and fixed the problem. I told him, "You know, to be honest here, you're seriously lacking in the people skills department, but hey that's par for the course with AOL. I'm grateful that you helped me resolve this, who can I write a recommendation to?" He said Steve Case, so I did. I know you're going to tell me I'm a lame geek for staying with them, but I've been with them since Mac E-world was around, (anyone remember that, it was so cute) and darnit it if I'm not stubbornly loyal that way. Plus it has some pretty useful content. Okay go ahead, let me have it, again.

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