May 18th, 2000


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I wonder if anyone else is up this late, hmmmmm. I should go to bed. My cockatiel is singing and the radio is droning on. Tomorrow I will buy things. I like to buy things. Maybe I will buy a baby...


(no subject)

Hi everyone!!! I wasn't able to check in today, been busy shopping for Beaus birthday party. I ahve to hurry this because my man is here and I want to pay attention to him. He has an early morning gotta be there stress job so he can't stay too long.

One of our beautiful moths hatched, (is that the right word for it) today. He was so beautiful. He had a bit of silk stuck to his body though so i bit it off for him so he could fly away.

Scott is playing wiht my orange birdie. Now she is screaching at him. Ack too loud.

The ferets have figured out how to get out of their cage, oh nooo, so I super glued it together, the wire part they've been pushing up to get through.

I watched Tom Green tonight. I love Tom Green.

Ummm what else oh yeah I want to show you guys a picture of these kitties I collect. I ahve about thirty or more of these little squeaky rubber cats and dogs. I love them so much. I never had one when I was little so I dont know why. I'm just buying them and lining them up.

Well I will go now. Love you guys : )

Hugs and kisses from me your new pal