May 22nd, 2000


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Hiya, I wrote a big huge longo dream post thing this morning for you all, but I need to edit it first and I'm so tired. I have to get some more sleep before I go out into the woild. I'm having lunch with my oldest friend. Well not the oldest person who is my friend, because that would be Eva, who was a war here in France and was in a concentration camp, but that's a whole other story for another time. This is the friend I have had for the longest. She has her masters in architectural restoration but is really an amazing artist and just won't admit it to herself. That's my opinion. I think it's sad that often the things that we are best at are the things we avoid doing. She was an amazing artist right from early childhood.

My naughty sun conure wants something to bite/chew play with so I gave her some bubble wrap, I'm a bad bird mama some times. I gave her lots of raisins this morning but she eats everything out of them leaving the skins. It's so funny. She really needs something woody so i'm going to have to remember this or I will forever be bitten. She likes to open my watch. It's actually hard to opena nd she thinks it's fun, smart naughty birdie. Bwaha ha ha I put her back on top of her cage where she cant get to me and chew up my new bracelets and unhook my watch.

She's a sun conure. I'll post a picture later.

Ya know this was a much easier/lighter period than before. I ahve images of any guys reading this going, oh man eeewwwww not the period talk again, hee hee, can't help it, gotta be real. I'm sticky with raisins.

Okay may I say that if Shannon Kring considers herself full figured/large sized/viking like I'm fucked. I would give almost anything to be her weight. Thats it man I'm going to will myself thin right this minute. I went scootering yesterday evening though and worked up a major sweat and it was really good for me. I was amazed that I could still do anything athletic. I bought these new little scooter things for all of us to use at Burning man this year but everyone thinks that we need them to be motorized and I guess they're right. I wonder how much ototrized scooters cost, shoot. I'm worrying about how I'm going to come up wiht the money for the motor home. I really don't want to go without one. I'd actually like to go wihtout my little boy but he had so much fun last year and is so looking forward to it. I'm hoping Biancas smut shack will still exist. Sex on couches and grilled cheese sandwishes is so appealing.

Slleeeeep, must sleeeeeep.

I'm going to the Getty Museum for lunch with Lori. She is so cute pregnant. Life is so amazing with all the twists and turns our paths take.

Ha ha birdie can't get me.

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Hi Pals, Kinda weird slow lazy day. Cancelled my lunch date, never went back to bed, but I did spend time wiht the ferrets, sun birdie, cockatiels and now the bunnies are up hee running around my office so I guess it was a day for them.

I'm falling into an I'm not using my new treadmill rut, das not good, so I am giving you my commitment to use it for twenty minutes today and I hope you guys will hold me to it. You know in fact how about we help eachother wiht commitments by checking in on eachother and encouraging the keeping of them.

Oprah's back on, this is my favorite show in the whole world, it always makes me cry. I love her so much. I want to do good and be successful and be like her. It seems like just yesterday I was telling you about last weeks Monday angels show and now here I am again. The people who won it this week were this wonderful couple who raise children and have adopted over two hundred children. Oh my, big copious tears. Now they ae talking about a woman who accepts used wedding gowns and resells them, using the money to grant the wishes of women who have breast cancer. Television just doesn't get much better than this.