June 2nd, 2000


We've got the kids!!!

Hi Everybody, I am soooo happy, we have a house full of squealing children and Coco is so happy and grateful. They are running around playing wiht their toys even though it is way too late for them to be awake. We've been through three tough days worrying about them. After crossing from Naco to Tucson they were locked up in a trailer for three days. Finally they put them on a plane and we picked them up a few hours ago. They had to leave everything behind. The little boy Edgar who is eleven had to give his dog away and Selene the oldest, who's seventeen, gave her bunny to her best friend. Little Talia, who is eight, had to leave her doll behind. They are so sweet and beautiful and I am soo happy they are safe here with their mother. In Mexico they were horribly abused by their own family members. Coco's husband used to beat her and cheat on her until he finally left her for another woman with children of her own. He wouldn't send any money to help support the children so Coco was forced to come here. She has seen her children for no more than fourteen days in three years. He whipped Selene with an electrical cord until she was bleeding, and the aunt who Coco left the baby with burned her hands on a stove. This is why I am so happy they are here. I'm a little frightened because this house is already small for Beau, Coco, myself and the cats, I don't know what it will be like with three more children but we will all muddle through somehow. I'm tired, I haven't slept much, been worried about these guys since they left and the coyotes tried to extort money from us and we didn't know what to do for an afternoon and an evening.

The first place I took the kids tonight was Toys R Us so we could buy a dolly to replace Talia's she had to leave behind. She wanted a black little girl dolly and she also picked out a black bride and groom doll because she said they looked the most like her. Selene was too embarrassed to ask for a doll but we could tell she wanted one so she got the new Harley Davidson Barbie. I also gave her really nice Beanie Buddy and bought her new underwear, bras and a nightgown and some sandals. I also bought underwear and tee-shirts and nightgowns and shoes for the little ones, but we've been saving stuff for them and will be able to get them more soon. Edgar wanted everything but we finally narrowed it down to some kind of monster gooey plastic thing, a bunch of small things and a big remote control truck. Beau got a little dinosaur who hatches out of his egg and says "Peekaboo, ha ha, I'm hungry, let's go play".They were so sweet and so grateful and happy. I can't even begin to understand what they've been through, running in the desert at night, wearing the same underwear for eight days, getting caught by the migra and sent back across the border only to try all over again the next day, falling off a small cliff and then running for three hours through the mountains, only to end up in a trailer for days while the greedy coyotes kept upping the price for their release and passage here. I can't imagine how hard it would be to have to give my pets away knowing I would probably never see them again or leave my boyfriend behind like Selene who almost married him but decided she was too young and wanted to wait.

You know what amazed me was how they had never seen a drinking fountain before and were a little afraid of it. They were excited about eh little plastic kids cups that you get at Cocos and couldn't believe Beau was going to leave his behind so Edgar asked if he could take it and then he clung to them as if someone might change their minds. Talia, the littlest one, keeps watching me as if she doesn't understand why I am being nice to them and that it all might change back at any minute. God, what can I say?

I don't know where you guys stand on people coming into the US from other countries but I don't agree with our immigration policies. I wouldn't be here and neither would just about everyone I know if their grandparents hadn't been allowed to immigrate to the United States. Anyway I'm whipped and you can debate this all you like with me but I'm just grateful they are all safe and away from anyone who would ever do anything as evil as to burn a little girls hands on a stove.

Love you guys,

Come see the live journal of my lessor half

Kids, Cats and Jelly Beans

Hello my journal Palawees,

Cats are like Jelly-Bellys or a really great soup. I like to mix 'em up for fun flavor combinations. You know, like Cotton Candy plus Peach Splash equals Peach Pie or something like that? Or when you have a really great soup, and the only thing different about it was that they thought to add a particular herb or a pinch of sugar? Well, that's how it is with cats. Sometimes a certain shyer cat will perk up and become brave when you bring him into your room with another one. Or someone who is indifferent will sleep on your pillow all night licking your eyes if he isn't with another cat. Some are better alone, and some are better in groups. Mouse is really bravo and aggressive on his own or with anyone but his sister but if you have the two of them alone together he is a purring little love ball of a cat. Nicki is best savored alone. And so it goes.

My cats give/bring me so much joy that as hard as it is sometimes, I can't imagine being happy without them.

The kids are all so happy now, running around my yard barefoot, playing with their new toys, checking out all of mine. Talia has just come in my office with her new Barbie case and has put all of their clothes and accessories in it. She is sitting quietly on the floor making the groovy Rock Singer Ken with the keyboard, talk to the pretty African American bride doll. Don't tell anyone but I think she's gonna change into the glittery silver outfit and pull a Runaway Bride on the Ken Groom and ride off on a motorcycle with Rock & Roll Ken. Uh oh here comes Edgar with a super soaker and he's pointing it at his sister's sweet, little head and a certain Barbie couple are being mashed together by their faces.

Now we are looking at pennies and trying to figure out how many of these it would take to buy una bolsa de doritos o una soda. They gave me some pesos and I am giving them pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, oh look there's a ten dollar bill. It won't go very far but at least they feel like they have a little money to buy a snack at the liquor store. They are going to go with their Mom to her friends house for a few days and then they will come back and live with us for the summer. Okay I'll admit it, I'm a little scared but life is wonderful how it just rolls out the future in front of you and you get to choose to do the right thing.

Okay now this is sad. Last night I was explaining to the big sister (I love her, she's so cute with her little freckled face), what her money was worth. She gave me her last change from Mexico, so I gave her all of the bigger change in my change jar. When the two little ones saw this, they wanted some too, so they came in here and asked me if it was true that I had given Sitlalee some money. I gave each of the little ones about five bucks in change, mostly in nickels and pennies, because that was all I had left. Then they wanted me to explain how the money here compares to the money there so we had a little conversation about how much of their money they would have to spend for a bag of chips, a bar of chocolate or a can of soda. I put the money in envelops but they wanted to put it in bags and ran downstairs to get little plastic baggies. Then, and here's the sad part, (Well to me at least but maybe I just don't understand), they came running back and handed it to me to hide for them. I told them that they could keep it themselves and didn't have to hide it, that they were to take it with them today to their aunts house and that if they went to a little market they could get whatever they wanted with it. So they said okay and ran off.

Then the little one, Talia, she is so cute you guys I wish you could see her, came back and said, "Could I hide this in your room because I think it will be safe there?" So I had said sure but that no one would steal it from her and she didn't have to worry. Then she said "Don't I have to hide it from el nino," she was talking about Beau. Then I realized why it seemed so odd to me. beau has so much and they have so little. If he ever wants any money all he ever has to do is ask me, if it's a lot that he needs then we work something out like he can do something nice for someone in exchange for it or correct a behavior pattern that's been driving us all nuts for a while. But these guys all have so little that I guess at home where they're from that if a child has any money there is a solid gold chance another child will take it from them the first chance they get. So of course they figured Beau would steal it from them. Sigh.

Now Beau came running up the stairs yelling something and slammed into his room. He's upset because the little boy wouldn't stop squirting him when he called time out to reload. Beau speaks fluent Spanish, probably even better than I do and said, "Hold on, time out, let me reload," so the little boy wouldn't listen, kept squirting and called him a girl. It's okay, we had a good talk and I reassured him that this is his home and he has the right to tell people that it isn't okay to say or do things that he he doesn't like and that he can always come and talk to me about anything. Of course I also explained how different it is here for these guys and what a hard time this haas been for them and to try to be loving and patient. It'll be good for him that the kids will be gone for several days. It will give everyone a chance to get better adjusted.

I'm the most worried about my beloved Scott and how he is going to handle this, but I can always spend more time over there and it won't be long before they find an apartment and get settled in : )

Running on three and a half hours sleep, kids and cats, this isn't easy. I think I'd better haul 'em all over to the park for a while.

Love you guys,

Nope didn't make it to the park, the girls got into my makeup, so we played with that for a while. The boys got bored and went for a walk with the dogs. Sleep soon, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.