June 18th, 2000


Thank you seer and stephaniesue and evilhomer and dankitti and btripp and anyone else who kindly helped me learn how

to do things around here like put up pics and link links. Hope I didn't miss anyone, you can remind me if I did, and I'll beg for your forgiveness, and send cyber kisses : )

Hi everyone, I want to buy these weird blue pixies so badly, but they look too much like my ex husband, and I'm worried they'll remind me too much of him. I think I'll still buy them though.

I have the world's most beautiful velvety black handsome cat on my computer right now.

I subscribed to the Save the Children, monthly, sponsor-a-child, program thing. I've been wanting to do this for years. I wish I really could adopt a child from China or India or Africa but I'm not in a position to do that yet. I will someday though.

Did you know that more humans are killed each year by hippos than crocodiles?

Love you guys,