July 22nd, 2000


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Hi Pals,

I've finally found the theme for my one woman show. I've been thinking about this forever and had lots of ideas but never hit on one that would fit everything that I am and can do in one play and I think this is it. I don't want to talk too much about it yet until it's ready but I need your stories, so anyone who wouldn't mind my borrowing any outrageous behavior on the part of their mothers to use in a play where I would absolutely promise to change any names or details to protect your anonymity would be soooo helpful. They don't have to be wild either, but weird, unique, funny in small ways, or even poignant will do.

Here's an example, my friend A.'s mother had a brain tumor but it wasn't diagnosed early. This tumor was pressing on her brain in such a way as to make her really angry, crazy and unpredictable. She self medicated with alcohol. Brain tumors and alcohol, not the nest mix. So A. grew up with really awful things happening pretty frequently, and she would tell me these unbelievable stories. One night at the dinner table while she and her perfect little sixties family sat around the kitchen dinner table. Her mother got that evil glint in her eye, turned to her husband and said, "Fuck You Jack," and buried her dinner fork up to the hilt in his thigh. Another time she bust the locked door down of my friends room and carrying a twin mattress came at her like some kind of bed monster saying, "I'm going to get you Jack, I'm going to get you." A. told me that she had remarkable strength at times like these and I can just imagine the horror of it.

If you heard me tell it with her voice and everything it might seem funnier in a dark sort of way. But these are the kind of stories I'm looking for, fifties and sixties housewives gone mad sorts of things. Or things kids saw their parents do that utterly perplexed them.

My exe's mother used to slap her kids in the face to make them stop crying, good one eh?

I have a billion for my Mom, but I wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing some of yours. Feel free to post them here or send them to cdelalune@aol.com, please?

Big huge sloberry kisses and hugs from your pal,