October 2nd, 2000


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Hello My Little Darlings,

How've ya been? I've been busy trying to figure out how to get my photos transferred at a high enough resolution to be able to put them up and share them with you, argh. Been surfing porn sites. How stupid. Just makes me lonelier, and like an idiot I sent my boyfriend home cause we were grrrrrring at eachother cause we don't feel good.

I've named my two new cats Twinkle-Bug and Sparkle-Bug. twinkle is a white oriental shorthair and he's really shy and hides out under my bed, and Sparkle is his all black brother who looks like a freaky little bat with big huge ears. He likes to rub my feet and ankles whenever I get up from my bed to go anywhere.

Beau is happy with his new Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon games. I got out my guitar and started playing with it. I bought aprogram for the computer that's supposed to teach guitar but it messed everything up and almost crashed the puter. Oh that would ahve been muy bad, heartbreakingly bad since I need to back up and haven't, knock fleshy parts.

I'm waiting for my big exciting check for the article I wrote about Burning Man. I miss being there so badly it hurts. In the documentary we saw there was a larry quote where he said he felt it represented the interernet made live in that there aren't any hierarchical systems and everyone can create their own little worlds. I ahdn't thought of that before, I was always thinking carnivale meets our generations woodstock meets some kind of freaky Dead festival porno rave thing. It's just that life back here is so boring I can't stand it. What a baby I'm being. I have all my limbs. I'm not fighting cancer. Sheesh.

Okay me go pet my kitties and cuddle my llamas and egrits. You know I almost bought an emu when we went up north a month or so ago because the mean ostrich meat farmers decided the emus weren't groovy enough for them. I swear I would ahve an emu poking it's head over my back fence right now if I'd had something to take her home in. I seriously considered trying to put her in my jeep.

I miss Big Brother even though it was kind of lame. I got used to those guys.

I was cruising around some of the other journals tonight. So many sweet people out there. I love it here.

What else? Oh I don't know, tell me about you.

Oh, go see my exes livejournal because I've managed to be insulting and entertaining in some minor ways once again. God if I only had the cajones to send him a link, heh heh. Here creep monster this is what I did for you. http://www.livejournal/users/imajerk
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