October 17th, 2000


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Wow look at this beautiful kitty. His name is Fernando. His friends wrote this;

Fernando Loku - Amy and Justin - July 2000

bouncing up to bed
he will step on my bladder
good morning kitty

Fernando Loku - Amy and Justin - July 2000

he begs for food day and night
trembling tail held aloft
wails, walks in circles


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I dreamt that I was back with my ex, in the horrible say just before we broke up. We are on our way to a party. I'm so confused and unhappy. I can't believe I'm living like this again. I don't want to be torn and hurting. We are going to a party for his friends. I don't want to go. He wants me to get my hair done at this incredibly expensive groovy salon and says he will pay for it, so I agree to go. He is going to get his hair done too.

We go to the salon. I can't believe I'm with him. I am in so much pain. I don't want to cut or color my hair, I just want to go home. I am just dying to talk about it to someone, anyone. Some stylists start talking to me about color and cut. We go in another room. They tell me that they can heal my hair from having been overprocessed and then they'll be able to dye it again. I don't want to dye it but I'm supposed to go along with all of this for some reason. Everyone else is deciding things for me. I don't seem to have any say in the choice of cut or color. They have these little tiny vials of essential oils and natural things. One of them starts rubbing it in and my hair starts to feel smoother. Another one asks me about acting and how I got started and what should she do so I give her my number and a few pointers. I'm thinking about how expensive this is and how is Robby going to afford a seven hundred dollar hair bill.

I am laying down almost in another stylists lap, she is shaping and cutting my hair. Someone else comes up and asks her what's taking so long. She seems worried she will get in trouble when she was juts being nurturing and kind and taking her time. I go to the final stylists chair to have my hair blow dried and there is a note from Robby taped to her station. He has left me here and gone on to the party. I am so hurt and angry. I don't really understand the note, it's just a whole bunch of instructions about what to do and where to go. How am I going to pay the bill? Why has he done this to me? I feel bereft.

There is an outfit he picked out for me to wear too. I go into the dressing room and try it on. It's a kind of bikini. The top is really neat, it has two parts to it and is really cool and see thru in some pretty daring places. I love it but it doesn't fit me and keeps slipping off and my right nipple keeps poking through. I'm so depressed and sad about all of this. I don't want to go to this party but if I don't go how ill I find the money.

I'm telling everyone about what kind of women he cheats on me with. I'm pointing out this whorehouse on a bay somewhere. My ex is some kind of pimp for this place. There are lots of girls there with babies. It is surrounded by water. I wade by but the women and some of their body guards are suspicious and act menacing so I back off.

Later I find the party where Robby is supposed to be but he's nowhere to be found. Probably off screwing around. I hate these people. I feel like an idiot here because everyone knows the real Robby and are probably wondering why I'm here, maybe even feeling sorry for me, which is worse somehow. My friend Karen is with me, she is criticizing everyone really loudly. I'm embarrassed as we leave.
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Okay now I'm truly embarrassed because as soon as I say anything about dreams, I'm flooded with them. Karma is just so damned instantaneous isn't it?

I stayed up way too late last night, so I wound up sleeping a lot today. I did manage to get out and send off all of my E-Bay debts and my present for ana, but I'm just having the hardest time sending this simple little gift to my livejournal pal beeguy. I finally got it addressed and put it in my car, but then when I tried to find it to send it, it was missing, waaaaa. This is just part of the joy of having children pile in and out of my car, things get stomped on, played with, and go missing, grrrrrr. I know it will show up but in the meantime he just must think I'm the biggest shirker/liar/slacker, boo.

Do any of you guys stress out over E-bay? It's the worst if you procrastinate or buy too many things, even if they're tiny little expensive things, you're so screwed if you don't mail out those payments immediately. I wind up thinking stupid things like, oh it's okay I've got seven days, I'll send that off in a couple. Then in the meantime the auction wins and notices get buried in an avalanche of e-mail and then I'm doomed. Well, doomed in an E-Bay kind of way. Hey, do you guys want to know what kinds of things I buy on E-Bay? Just nod your psychic heads and I'll feel it. you do? Well then I'll just go get my list and paste it in for ya : ) But don't think you're getting out of that dream though, heh, lol at myself.

This is the list I send out to dealers when I win, it comes at the end of my auction win confirmation letter and is by no means complete;

PS: I am going to include a list of things I'm always looking for. Please feel free to let me know if you come across any of these items : ) Thank you again and best of luck on all of your other auctions!!!

Take care,
(cdelalune at eBay)

I know this is kind of an extensive, and somewhat wacky list, but I like to include it just in case. Please don't go to any special trouble on my account. This is just in case you happen to have any of these items lying around : ) Therefore, I hereby grant you a freedom from guilt pass, if you simply stop right here and drag this whole thing to your recycle bin. On the other hand, if you do have something you think I might like, feel free to let me know.

I'm always looking for any clothing that was designed by my mother, Jeannette Alexander, or my grandmother Peggy Hunt. They were California manufacturers and designers whose dresses were made from the teens through the late sixties. Grandmas dresses will usually have a lot of lace applique and sheer see-thru necklines, Mom's will be more cotton and linen prints in dresses for day, although she also did a lot of little brocade cocktail dresses. The difference is that Grannies were expensive and very fine and Mom's were more affordable. I'm also looking for vintage dresses and slips in large sizes; 24/26 or 3x, but not suits or anything matronly, mostly I'm looking for romantic and pretty or sweet period, I even like house dresses in little prints, but I know that's hard to find in large sizes. There must have been some fat people in the world in the first half of this century though, I mean where did all those clothes go?

In postcard, greeting and trade cards, I like embossed (but not the fuzzy puffy kind) and chrome roses, peonies, lilies of the valley and red poppies, well basically anything pretty, pastel and floral, and French romantic, vintage erotic, and real photo. I also like hand tinted photos of children and cats and almost anything with beading or sequins.

I like cards with black Standard Poodles, cats, Japanese Chins, volcanos, theater and film, Winsch, especially Schmucker, Halloween, especially embossed cards with black cats, vegetables and goblins, also any with owls, dragonflies, fairies, paper lanterns and Victorian/Asian themes, like the three little maids from The Mikado or geisha girls with fans and some cigarette cards and silks. I've just started to take an interest in little elves and fairies with red mushrooms. I also like all kinds of nudes and bubbles, although not necessarily together.

In state cards, I like New Jersey, Hamilton Ohio, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Hollywood, California. I also collect Scott's Emulsion cards. I like Asian cards, especially women and children with parasols and paper lanterns. I love anything Esther Hunt or similar in style. I like vintage tinted images of Chinese children, people and street scenes in Chinatown. In postcards, trade cards and real photo I love cats, cute children, nuns, brides, wedding couples, women in vintage bathing costumes, especially Victorian seaside postcards. Also dragons and real photos of children in Halloween costumes and panoramic photos of children and some others, particularly if they are of landscapes, school plays or anything theatrical. I like die cuts and valentines. I love older family photo albums and scrapbooks and diaries and letters but pre 1960s. I also love erotic from gentle nudes all the way to the far side of wild in these real photos, I guess they just remind me that even our grandmother's were sexual which works for me.

I like vintage Rose Bowl Parade, float designs and postcards. I collect vintage paper lanterns. I like charm bracelets and charms. I have pet rats so anything rat oriented in a positive way is welcome. I like Arrow Rubber Mobley squeaky dogs and cats. I love Steiff, particularly tiny ones, but not the standard and larger sized bears as much.

I also like women's vanity items and Bakelite bracelets that are large enough to fit my wrist. I like almost anything celluloid, especially animals (I like the way the tiny animals feel). I like buttons, mother of pearl, Bakelite, rhinestone and others. I like vintage children's books with colorful illustrations and readers with little colored images. I like pottery or porcelain heads hands and feet, but not the traditional head vases with the eyelashes and earrings. I adore Chinese busts, particularly Esther Hunt or anyone who produced busts in her style. My favorite are the busts of women and children from Chinatown with little headdresses and flowers. I also collect her postcards and prints.

I love mermaids. I sometimes collect rosaries. I like some Catholic things, especially anything relating to nuns. I like anything Lenticular or 3D. I love costume jewelry, I collect Weiss and several others and particularly those big plastic or celluloid flower pins that are ruffley and kind of realistic looking. I like rhinestone tiaras, crowns, and headpieces. I love bridal veils and Victorian wax orange blossoms. I like vintage ribbon, some trims and love milliner flowers, especially velvet pieces or chenille.

I like chalkware lamps depending on the design, particularly if they have Asian women. I'm looking for anything by or about Esther Hunt or her contemporaries. I also like little Asian figurines and wall pockets. I like toys and figurines with red hair like trolls or funny little figurines. I love chenille figures, those felt ornaments that came from Bucilla kits that people made for their Christmas trees, they usually have sequins and beads all over them, tiny little fish tanks, weird little things that are cute, and, I like things with googly eyes.

If you got this far, I'm giving you a big congratulatory cyber hug.


Woohoo grilled cheese sandwiches, tang and lettuce. Yup that's just the kind of dinner a gal like me eats. Oh and I forgot about the little pumpkin sprinkle cookies. Force you to read that dream later, you're off the hook for now because of the presidential debates ; )

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You thought I forgot about that little dream thing dintcha? Well, I didn't, ha, ha, ha, so here it comes. Let's see how brief I can make this. Okay;

I have twin black babies with someone. There are Arab terrorists out to get me. I hide in lots of places.

You allright there? Okay, well, that's it. Told you I'd be brief.

Nighty night for now I think.

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