November 11th, 2000


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You Guys? What's that Band-Aid on Gore's face for?

Who would you rather be friends with Mrs. Bush or Mrs. Gore? Isn't Tipper the obvious choice? Why, of course she is. Come on, the fun and friendly mother of four, grandmother of one, or the uptight librarian who ran a stop sign as a teenager, killed her friend, had twins, stopped at that, and describes them, with all the maternal warmth of an ice cube as, "...interesting"? In a recent interview, she was asked by a reporter what advice she would give her husband, and in a friendly moment of wifely support she looked over at him, told the country that he should, "stop smacking his gum." Sage advice from a possible future first lady, yuck.

I'm sick of looking at that map with all of those states hi-lighted in Republican red. It looks like there are just too many states in red and not enough of the blue. It's interesting to me that all of the Republicans seem to exist in the center of our country. I wonder what that could mean.

I have had a crush on George Stephanopolous for way too long now. It's time for us to have sex. Would someone tell him this for me? (If Scott said that, oooh man, would I get upset and cry. Just another example of the unfairness of my female wilyness.) you guys know the name of the bar on the right hand side of the default journal, on my page it's grey? I want to change the color, but I don't know what the color override names refer to. I wish someone more knowledgeable than I am, would make a little tiny screen shot, with labels pointing to the various parts of the page. Then there would be little arrows with all of those confusing terms. I've tried picking a kind of stand out color like puce, and assigned it to various places on the page to see what they mean, but I get confused and run away screaming. Help? Please?