December 4th, 2000


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Wow isn't this beautiful? It's for sale on ebay. It's a pastel by Arthur Spear who painted daybreak. It's going for $750.00 right now but I'm sure it will whip past that in a moment or two. I love mermaids and se nymphs, anything underwater and pretty really. Ack there goes my new pager. I don't understand it yet, mostly it's just bugging me at this point.

Many big mushy hugs,

Here are the pics that didn't load before;

Hey Live Journal Pals,

I was using a photo album site to put my pics up. Debgirl pointed out that those sites don't work so well so I quickly put the same pics up at GeoCities.

Can you guys tell me what your favorite places are to put up pics, in terms of ease and speed?

Okay so here they are, sheesh;

This is my wonderful little boy. We took this picture and some others like it in Sigfried and Roy's secret garden at The Mirage, I think.

This is one of my headshots.

Argh, I put these next two pics in here but they were HUGE and I don't want to mess up everyone's friends' pagesso I'm going to yank 'em. Shoot.

(This is my kitty Ala, the one everyone thinks is a chihuahua. She's so hormonal. I love her.

This is my wonderful cat Moe in the library. He's hard to take pictures of because he's so affectionate that when I try to get a shot of him he comes right up to the lens and rubs on it.)

Okay me go. Love you,