December 7th, 2000


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What a wacky day this was. Beau's principal called me and said that he had had a meeting with Beau in school today to discuss and incident where Beau and four other boy's, (they're all fourth graders) beat up a smaller boy on the playground. He said that Beau had body slammed him. I was shocked and obviously upset. I apologized and asked for the name of the boy who'd been hurt so I could call and see if there was anything I could do to make amends. He said that Beau had apologized and written a letter to the boy but was supposed to have spoken to me about it, in fact he told the principal that he had. I started thinking I didn't know my little guy. We have a pretty wonderful open relationship, Beau trusts me and I think he tells me pretty much everything. You should hear some of the things he asks or tells me, sometimes he makes me shy. I told Mr K. that it just didn't sound like Beau to be mean to a smaller child, that he is really empathic and kind, but that I believed that he must have done this, and that I was so sorry and would talk with him and do everything I could to prevent anything like this from happening again.

I called the parents of the little boy, Charlie. They were so kind. It turns out that Beau never hit or pushed him. They had faxed a list of the names of the boys involved and the only one that was close to Beau's name was Bobby. He's this tough bully kid who pushes other kids around. Beau has told me that he thinks he's scary. Anyway the principal had totally mixed up my son with this other kid and never even met with Beau. Poor Charlie though, poor little guy. His dad said that kids have been beating him up since second grade. He gets beat up all the time. He's really little, the smallest boy in his class and he's smart so when the big kids are mean to him he mouths off and then they beat him up. What's worse is that he has epilepsy. So so sad. I feel so badly for him and for his parents. I can't imagine how painful it must be to send your child off to school and then see him hurt over and over, and to get very little support from the teachers and the principal. I'm so relieved that it was a mix up, but my heart goes out to this little guy. I asked his parents for a play date for Beau and then had a talk with Beau and asked him to kind of keep an eye out for him. Man school can be hard for kids. When I think about reincarnation the part that doesn't appeal to me is the idea that I would have to go through childhood all over again and again, yuck, blech, ptuey.

I'm so pissed that I can't get a clear signal for Coast to Coast on my radio.

I'm having fun with my scanner. I'm such a voyeur.

Big hugs,

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Come on you guys, be kind and give it up for your pal Jacqui. What is your favorite image hosting service/site?

Oh man, dentist appointment in twenty minutes. I am so pushing being late. I've had so much dental work in my life that I've turned into this big phobic baby. My new dentist is very cool and new agey though.

Something is making heavy breathing sounds in my office. Sort of like a light sweeping sound. I heard this last night. What could it be? Must investigate... Hmmm, no clue. Not the ferrets, or the ratties or the chinchilla. Bunnies in the patio? The fountain? Oh speaking of chinchillas, yesterday I got signed off and couldn't get back on, I called my funky provider, shhhhh don't tell anyway...AOl, there I said it. I went through all kinds of silly things with them and then it hint me, duh, smack my head, the phone cord, sheesh. Little Mr. Chinchilla had busted out of his new cage and spent and wild night flitting about my office, in the course of which he chewed...the phone cord. Man one of those bunnies must have a serious case of bunny asthma. I'll have to go check on that.

Movie for my two and a half hour dental visit, Forces of Nature with Ben and Sandra. Should be entertaining enough and not something I care at all about so if it becomes associated with dental procedures, who cares. It's not like I'll be watching On The Waterfront or something I care about. Last time it was Sex and the City. I really have to go.

I'm exchanging my treadmill for a better model. My new/oldone was too flimsy i.e.; I'm too fat for it, sob, sob.
I cleaned out my office yesterday and found all kinds of things I'd been upset about missing. I found my photo book in the weirdest place, I'd been looking for it forever and thought a man who used to work for me took it. See how unfair it is to ever accuse any one of something you aren't certain they did. I didn't accuse him to his face but inwardly I was convinced he took it. When will I ever learn that lesson? Anyway I found my book and looked at some of my really old proof sheets I keep in the back for fun and when I was a size seven eight I looked so thin and I remember how everyone told me I was too fat and I believed them. How fucking sad. I remember when I weighed 126 or so, I think, (I'm 5'7") and my mother took me to a fat farm and told me I need to get to 117 which is what she at 5'4" had felt was her perfect weight. I thought of myself as fat from that point on and behaved accordingly. How sad.

Did I tell you that Beau was accused of beating up another kid at school by the principal and it wasn't him at all? Oh yeah I did, sorry.

I'm wearing Angel for the dentist. Well, gotta be nice to the man whose got the pointy tools in his hands. Okay me gots ta go.

Love you guys,